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Does Your Business Need a Security Guard? 10 Signs That Point to ‘Yes’

April 28, 2017  |   Security Guard    

Hiring a security guard for your business is more important than ever. As businesses get busier, office blocks become more crowded, and car parking lots more packed, security guards have more to do. If you own a commercial property, these 10 signs could suggest that you need to hire security guards.

Need a Reason to Hire a Security Guard? How About 10?

There are plenty of excuses NOT to hire security services, but just as many reasons to provide this invaluable service to your customers and employees.

1.You Don’t Have Resources to Handle Emergencies

A security guard is prepared to handle a wide range of emergencies. If you don’t have the resources to handle everything from physical conflict to criminal activity, a security guard can help.

2.You Have Too Few Safety Professionals

If you have team members who are already stretched thin, operating as a safety office, a health officer, and a fire officer – then you could benefit from your own security guard.

3.Building Traffic is Busy

Is your building getting busier and busier? With more people in your building, the chances of an incident occurring goes up.

4.You Serve Alcoholic Beverages

We all know how much more volatile social situations can become if there is alcohol involved – so if you serve it, a security guard can help protect you and your customers!

5.You Have Safety Worries

If you have your own concerns about small areas of safety, then there are likely more issues you haven’t thought of.

6.You Struggle Keeping Records

Do you struggle keeping records regarding safety, property, and personnel? This is important for liability, and a security guard can really help.

7.You Worry About Liability Issues

Worrying about the liability issues caused by your difficulty keeping records? A security guard can solve this.

8.You Have Retail Theft

If you own a retail operation and you’re experiencing theft, a security guard is the perfect way to stop it.

9.You’re in a High Crime Area

Whether you’re a retail operation or not, your customers, clients, and employees are much safer when you have a security guard, if you are located in a high crime area.

10.You Have a Parking Lot

Finally, don’t forget about the arguments that can easily break out in a parking lot. A security guard can calm tension and provide other services to people using your parking lot.

Security Guards Las Vegas

It’s Never Been Easier to Provide Security for Your Customers or Employees

If you notice any of these 10 signs in your own business operation, it might just be time for a security guard of your own. In the Las Vegas area, Pro-Tect Security provides highly trained guard at great rates, and you can easily get a quote online!

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