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Top 10 Duties of a Security Guard

September 4, 2017  |   Security Guard    

Security guards are a wise investment for almost any organization or event.

When a person hires security guards, they do so with safety in mind. We all know that a security guard can be a difference-maker when it comes to tense situations. Here are some of their main responsibilities.

1. Vigilance

Security guards must remain alert and monitor an area for suspicious activity. Sometimes spotting a potential problem early on can stop it from getting worse.

2. Monitoring

Standard activities and equipment should be monitored regularly. A security guard can make sure everything goes smoothly by keeping a watchful eye on an event.

3. Quick Responses

When an accident or incident does occur, a security guard can respond quickly to ensure the appropriate action is taken.

4. Greetings

A person may hire security guards to work the door or lobby of their establishment. Their immediate presence can dissuade criminals.

5. Reporting

Sometimes a person may want updates about the status of their event. A security guard can provide valuable insight.

6. Providing Tips

A security guard can provide valuable information for helping event attendees stay safe and have the most positive experience possible.

7. Event-Specific Duties

Every event is different, and a person may hire security guards to handle the unique tasks their event requires.

8. Checking Equipment

Security guards can do more than protect people – they can also protect equipment. Guards are great for monitoring inventory and amenities.

9. Handling Emergencies

Emergency situations require onsite professionals who can contact appropriate personnel. Security guards are very useful for this important purpose.

10. Encouraging Safety

All the tasks that security guards perform help to create a safe environment. This is perhaps their most important duty of all.

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