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Things to Consider When Hiring an Armed Security Guard

December 22, 2016  |   Armed Security Guards    

When we take an inquiry on posting an armed security, we make sure to ask the client some questions about the job. Many times, the customer hasn’t thought through their needs and the same questions continue to arise.

If you’re looking for expert armed security guards for an event, a visitor, or a situation, come prepared with these three aspects of the job, and both the guards and the clients will have a safe and secure operation.

The Plan

Be sure to think through each aspect of the job in question. Don’t just assume that the schedule is enough for the security guards. Try to think through the event or the situation from the absolute beginning to its ultimate end. When the security knows the plan, they can better work with the client to make sure that nothing goes awry.

The Proportion

Plan to give an accurate idea of just how big the job is. Does it entail several locations? Are there several factors to be aware of before starting? The scope of the project can determine just how many armed security guards need to be present. Hire the security guards that you need, not what you think you should have.

The Possibilities

In our line of work, information is king. That’s why we always ask about the possible risks and pitfalls in each project. An honest and upfront approach to our armed security ensures that everyone walks away happy and safe. Give the possible scenarios to our staff and we’ll be prepared for anything.

To ensure that both our armed guards and our clients are safe, we ask these questions before beginning any project. If you’d like armed security at your event, please call the experts at Pro-Tect Security. Contact us today to discuss your many options in armed security guards.

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