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The Top 7 Reasons You Should Hire Event Security

March 22, 2019  |   Event Security    

For any successful event, providing professional event security will help to avoid disturbances that could disrupt guests, threaten safety, or affect the purpose of your event. Hiring event security allows you to focus on the details of your event, leaving security concerns and incidents in the hands of experienced security officers.


If you are hosting, planning, or coordinating an event, whether large or small, make sure that you do not overlook the safety of guests and do not underestimate the benefit of private event security. Security threats can come in various forms from causing a disturbance to violent actions making it far better to be prepared.


Here are 7 reasons to make sure that you hire event security for your next Las Vegas event:


1) Adhere To The Guest List


Security officers will go through your guest list, screen guests as they arrive, prevent uninvited guests from entering, and maintain an up-to-date list of all attendees. Often times, just the presence of a uniformed security guard will prevent unwanted guests from attempting to enter. And in instances where they to do attempt to get in, you have a security measures in place to address them before they can disrupt your event. Security officers will also be able to watch for signs of suspicious items or weapons in order to protect other guests.


2) Maintain Crowd Control Throughout The Event


Event security is also tasked with maintaining control of guests throughout the duration of your event. By relinquishing this responsibility to a trained security guard, you are able to focus on ensuring that guests are attended to and the details of your event are on track. Security officers will know the most effective tactics for addressing problems with guests and ensuring the safety of those present in case of an emergency.


3) Provide A Higher Sense Of Security For Guests


After a number of unfortunate events where the safety of guests has been affected, providing additional security measures gives your guests a greater sense of security and peace of mind. Event security shows guests that you value your safety in both thought and action. It also provides reassurance that there will be direction and help should an emergency situation occur.


4) Address Security Concerns When They Happen


If something goes wrong, whether a crime is committed, a physical altercation ensues between guests or simply a verbal argument disturbs your event, event security will address the situation in the moment that it happens. Without the presence of security officers, event coordinators will have to handle minor situations on their own or wait for law enforcement to arrive in order to control bigger problems. Event security guards are trained to handle a wide range of situations and will be able to act quickly and effectively to keep guest safe.


5) Prevent A Crime From Happening


Just as the presence of security officer works to deter unwanted guests from attempting to enter, it can also work to deter crimes. Security officers are trained to patrol the event watching for signs of criminal behavior. They also have experience in actions to take should they notice suspicious behavior in order to prevent a crime from taking place.


6) Adhere To Venue Requirements


All venues have requirements and provisions that must be followed to protect their property during your event. Some venues may actually require that you have event security present, especially if high profile guests will be present, controversial topics will be addressed, or alcohol will be served.


7) Provide Additional Services For Guests


Security officers can also provide guests with a higher level of service and security. For events that last late into the night, security officers can escort guests to their vehicles. In case of a medical emergency, security officers are trained to quickly contact emergency medical care without panicking like others might.


Pro-Tect Security provides superior Las Vegas Event Security. Our team of professional security officers has the expertise needed to ensure the safety and security of any event. Contact us today at 702-735-0110 for more information.


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