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Security For Your HOA – Beyond The Gate

September 19, 2018  |   HOA security, HOA security guards, Security Guard    

In society today the sad and unfortunate truth is that crime does not limit itself to certain parts of town or large public places. Crimes are committed daily in even the nicest and safest neighborhoods, even in those with an entrance gate. Not even neighborhoods with a homeowners association are exempt from crime, violence or threats. Apart from crimes committed to homes and property within the neighborhood, crime can even be seen in HOA meetings when disagreements between residents turn to threats or violence.


HOA security services from a reputable and established security company is the most effective way to deter and prevent crime within your community and also an invaluable resource for confronting and resolving problems when they arise. At Pro-Tect Security, we offer professional Las Vegas HOA security that goes beyond the gate, providing high quality service that will maintain peace and order within neighborhoods of any size.


Invest In Professional HOA Security


The first step in ensuring the safety of any size HOA neighborhood is to designate funds for professional HOA security. Professionally trained HOA security guards will have the knowledge, experience and resources needed to best protect homes, property, and residents.


Hiring professional HOA security from an established private security company provides a number of key benefits for the neighborhood including:


  • Deterrent for crime, vandalism, burglary and more
  • Enforcement of HOA rules
  • Monitoring traffic
  • Enforcing parking regulations
  • Protection for residents
  • Monitoring security of neighborhood amenities



Benefits Of HOA Security Beyond The Gate


An HOA security guard protecting homes, cars, and property within the neighborhood is an obvious benefit for any HOA, however a contract with an HOA security services company also ensures that you have a guard at any HOA meeting or function.


HOA security services can go beyond enforcing traffic and parking or preventing home intrusions, it can also provide an effective way of maintaining order and ensuring peaceful gatherings during HOA board meetings or annual meetings with homeowners.


With a professional HOA security guard present, you can:


  • Deter threats or violence between homeowners or between homeowners and the association
  • Provide a clear message that safety and security are a priority for your community
  • Ensure that meetings go smoothly without disputes or heated verbal arguments or even without physical altercations.
  • Protection for HOA board members and attendees
  • Encourage resident involvement by offering education for residents of the security measures in place, safety tips, and recommended actions in the event of a crime

Working with a professional HOA security company will also help to strengthen ties with local police departments providing even greater assurance to residents that their HOA is committed to ensuring the safety of their community.


Las Vegas HOA Security


Pro-Tect Security offers comprehensive HOA security services for any Las Vegas neighborhood. From gate security to security guard patrol, traffic enforcement to HOA meeting security, Pro-Tect Security has highly trained HOA security guards to ensure the safety of your community. Call us today at (702) 735-0110 for more information.

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