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Security Guard Advice: 6 Tips for Protecting a Vehicle

April 20, 2017  |   Armed Security Guards, Security Guard    

Traveling by car can be a very convenient way to get around, but it does come with some security risks. Even in places with an armed security guard presence, a car can be vulnerable to theft and mischief. Here are six great security tips for traveling by car to help keep drivers, their families, and their valuables safe from harm.

  1. Vehicles should always be locked

Drivers should always lock their vehicles before leaving them parked somewhere, no matter how short of a time they will be unattended.

  1. The car alarm should be engaged

Car alarms are an excellent way to deter a thief, as they can alert a security guard or passerby if someone is attempting to enter the vehicle.

  1. Valuables should never be left in the car

Any valuables a driver is carrying with them should be removed from the car to prevent theft.

  1. Anything left in the car should be out of sight

If anything must be left in a car, it should be out of sight. Anything left in plain sight on the seats or dashboard is a temptation, so everything in the car should be tucked away in a compartment, under a seat, or in the trunk.

  1. Park where a security guard is watching

Not every business employs an armed security guard to watch their premises, but when they do so, it is a much safer place to leave a car parked. If possible, drivers should park cars where a security guard is watching.

  1. Park in well-lit public areas

A car parked on an unlit street with little traffic is very vulnerable to a break in. Drivers should always look for safe areas to park their cars, even if an armed security guard can’t be on site. Good locations to park include well-lit streets or parking lots with plenty of foot traffic and people watching.

Drivers who follow these security tips are much less likely to have their cars broken into or their valuables stolen. For more security tips, please explore our site to learn more about keeping yourself and your property safe.

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