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Las Vegas, Nevada 89169

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Residential & Commercial

About Residential & Commercial Security Service

Pro-Tect Security offers extensive experience in the design and implementation of customized security programs for all types of residential and commercial facilities. We can further provide on-site patrol capabilities for officer mobility via marked company vehicles, security bikes, golf carts, or T-3 units.

Pro-Tect Security works with your organization to create an effective security program tailored to your specific needs and budget.

We provide both armed and unarmed uniformed officers for

  • Residential Security Las Vegas24-Hour Gated Residences
  • Residential Neighborhood Home Owners Associations (HOA’s)
  • Condominium and Apartment Communities
  • Vehicle Security Patrol
  • Retail Shopping Venues
  • Car Dealerships
  • Schools
  • Office Complexes and High-Rises
  • Medical Facilities
  • Storage Facilities, Parking Structures, and Warehouses


In addition to being our clients’ primary point of contact, our Managers are responsible for the overall operational and administrative functions of our service to you. They perform periodic inspections, training programs and client interface. Pro-Tect’s Management Team will meet with clients, visit sites, and observe working conditions in order to develop a profile of the right individual for the security role you need. From that profile, we can select the officers who will meet or exceed your expectations.


Pro-Tect Security maintains a large pool of both full time and part time officers who are available on short notice to fill any open position. Our skilled and experienced officers enable us to provide superior service to a wide variety of clientele and industries.

After substantial investment in hiring quality people and a commitment into a high level of training, it is in our best interest to maintain a positive work environment in order to retain officers for their knowledge and continuity. We reduce our turnover by promoting from within, offering competitive wages, paid vacations, medical insurance and a matching 401k program.

Security Guard Las Vegas

In addition to security officers, we can also provide you with qualified staff to assist you in positions such as:

  • Access Control
  • Bike Patrol
  • Overnight Equipment Watch
  • Electric Cart Patrol
  • Pool Watch
  • Parking Enforcement

Vehicle Security Patrol Las VegasVEHICLE SECURITY PATROL

Pro-Tect’s low cost alternative to an on-site security officer is our Vehicle Security Patrol officers. Our Vehicle Security officers can respond to a client’s property at any time of day and provide services such as: vehicle patrols, lock ups, unlocks, and alarm responses. Our marked patrol units provide a high level of visibility, a proven deterrent in maintaining safety and security on client properties. All of Pro-Tect’s patrol units are maintained and cleaned on a regular basis, and come equipped with safety equipment, first aid kits, GPS tracking, amber light bars with alley lights, and mounted tablets.

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