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Should Mall Security Guards Be Armed?

February 2, 2017  |   Armed Security Guards    

The topic of security is always a controversial one. While having dedicated personnel around to protect people in busy areas can be a good idea, there are questions about how these individuals should conduct themselves.

Malls are the types of areas that can benefit greatly from dedicated security personnel. But should a commercial security officer be armed?

Armed security guards have a greater capacity to prevent and stop tense and dangerous situations from unfolding in crowded areas like malls. Still, the thought of armed security is enough to make some patrons of a retail location feel uneasy or even avoid it altogether.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Armed Security

Armed security guards have the ability to handle serious threats should they arise. Busy locations like shopping malls can sometimes be unpredictable, and being armed allows a security officer to handle a threat safely.

Armed security is sometimes more than enough to dissuade a person from violating the rights of others. But some people are not in favor of a commercial security officer carrying a weapon. Even if the device in question is non-lethal, it is enough to make some people feel uneasy.

One of the best ways to make patrons feel secure about having armed security guards at a location is to hire guards with solid credentials. Armed security can be very beneficial, as long as they are trained properly.

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