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Importance Of Security Officers And The Role They Play Today

March 15, 2019  |   Security Guard, Security Officer    

A security officer plays a crucial role in protecting people, events, property, businesses, and much more. While their specific responsibilities may vary depending on their current assignment, their primary duty in providing protection and preventing crime remains consistent.


Hiring well-trained security guards from a reputable security company provides an invaluable line of defense against threats of many natures including physical attacks, violence, theft, vandalism and more. A security guard carries many responsibilities in performing the various duties of their position and provides an invaluable asset for their employer, the community and their objective.


Typical Responsibilities Of A Security Officer


Depending on the assignment they are entrusted with, the role and duties of a security officer can vary, but many responsibilities remain consistent. Security officers must remain alert and vigilant in order to identify suspicious or abnormal activity before it becomes a dangerous threat. Security officers must also implement security protocols that will protect individual businesses, individuals and events. A security officer is often responsible for duties such as:


  • Developing a security plan
  • Patrolling both private and public areas
  • Ensuring doors and entrances are locked and secured
  • Monitoring surveillance cameras and footage
  • Looking for signs of suspicious activity and observing their surroundings
  • Investigating unusual sounds or actions
  • Employing preventative measures to avoid security issues
  • Responding to security concerns or incidents
  • Preventing break ins
  • Providing instructions and direction when needed
  • Contacting and coordinating with law enforcement when necessary
  • Managing dangerous situations
  • Providing detailed reports of all incidents
  • Educating the public on effective security practices
  • Preventing a security situation from escalating
  • Managing large crowds of people in emergency situations
  • Acting quickly and wisely in a security threat
  • Enforcing rules and restrictions
  • Directing traffic
  • Collaborating with other security personnel


Primary Roles Of Security Officers


Security officers are responsible for many of the previously mentioned duties along with many others, but all individual duties work together to fulfill their primary role. Security officers are entrusted for three main objectives protecting public safety, preventing criminal acts, and assisting the public.


Many places hire security officers to maintain a higher level of safety in public areas, public and private events, private communities, schools, and more. Both people and property depend on the presence and actions of security officers maintain order and safety.


Security officers are also tasked with the role of preventing and stopping criminal actions from break-ins to hackers. Through extensive training, vigilant observation, and a unique skill set, security officers work to reduce a wide range of criminal activity. Security officers make preventative measures and tactics a priority in order to perform their role effectively.


A security officer must also be able to assist the public in a professional, authoritative, and courteous manner. They must provide direction and instructions to groups of people of all sizes in various applications and enforce the regulations in place to protect public safety. Security officers often encounter scared or even frantic people and must remain calm in order to listen and communicate effectively. A well-trained security officer can make a significant impact on maintaining order and neutralizing potential threats during a dangerous or stressful situation.


At Pro-Tect Security in Las Vegas, Nevada our security officers have passed extensive background checks and undergone comprehensive training to best prepare them for their duties and roles. For more information about the quality of security offered from Pro-Tect Security, call us today at (702) 735-0110.


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