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How Hiring Security Guards Can Ensure HOA Community’s Safety

May 15, 2019  |   HOA security, HOA security guards    

One of the primary responsibilities of a homeowner association (HOA) is to maintain the safety of the community. This responsibility requires that an HOA take preventative actions that will work to secure homes, protect residents, and prevent crime.


The most effective way to ensure the overall safety of your community is to work with an experienced Las Vegas HOA security company. By hiring a professional company with highly trained security guards, you are better able to provide the level of security protection and monitoring needed for an HOA community. Professional HOA security guards have the knowledge and experience needed to implement the right security plan for the individual residential community and the location.


Pro-Tect Security provides comprehensive HOA security services from guards that have passed strict background checks and are highly trained and certified.  Our HOA security guards are qualified, professional, respectful, and equipped to handle the security concerns of your community. Hiring a professional security company for your HOA security ensures the safety of your HOA in a number of different ways.


24/7 Security  


An established HOA security company will have the resources needed to provide the protection you need both day and night. With security guards available patrolling at any time, residents can have peace of mind that their homes, belongings, property and loved ones are safe and secure.


Highly Trained Security Guards


Although you could save money by hiring security guards independently, you’ll likely end up paying more in the long run. Inexperienced and undependable security guards can put your community at risk if they do not have the qualifications, training, and knowledge needed to handle the job. By investing in professional HOA security, you ensure that guards are licensed, insured, and extensively trained to handle any security issue they are faced with or know the right course of action to take when a situation is beyond their capabilities.


Professional security guards will be able to implement preventative measures to avoid security issues, be quick to act when a problem arises, and know the steps to take after an incident has occurred. They will be well trained to maintain detailed reports that will document any concerns of suspicious activity, any incidents of criminal activity, and any actions taken.


Customized Security Plans


Working with an experienced security company also provides you with the benefit of creating an individualized security plan for your community. A customized security package will be created following a professional security assessment of your location and community guaranteeing that the security measures in place will best benefit your HOA. Security packages can be tailored to fit both a community’s needs and their budget and provide effective options. Options can include:


  • Gate security
  • Vehicle, bike or foot patrol
  • Armed or unarmed uniformed officers
  • Security service technology


Monitor Traffic and Enforce Parking Regulations


An HOA security guard will also work to monitor traffic and the speed limits throughout the neighborhood. This will help to protect children playing in the street or people outside, but it will also protect vehicles, campers, or RV’s that residents have parked in front of their homes. HOA security guards also enforce parking regulations and resolve parking issues or disputes within the neighborhood.  


Professional Las Vegas HOA Security Guards


At Pro-Tect Security, we offer professional HOA security to meet the needs of your community. We offer customized security packages implemented by highly trained HOA security guards with the experience and knowledge needed to ensure the safety of your residents. Call us today at (702) 735-0110 for more information about our professional Las Vegas HOA security guards.


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