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When Should A Hotel Have A Security Guard To Protect Its Guests?

October 31, 2017  |   Hotel Security    

The tragic event in Las Vegas this year has led many hotels to question their individual need for private security. While most hotels could surely benefit from a security guard, the question remains should they have tight security at all times? It is advantageous for a hotel to employ a private security guard at all times to best protect their guests. A lapse in security can result in troubles for guests, either by bodily harm or material loss, which in turn can damage the reputation of the establishment.

Benefits Of Hiring A Hotel Security Guard

Hotel Security GuardHiring a skilled and professional security guard from a company that is highly experienced in providing hotel security provides many benefits for hotels. At Pro-Tect Security, we pride ourselves on delivering premier hotel security service for Las Vegas hotels. Our extensively trained security guards can provide unique security benefits including

  • Preventing Or Limiting Property Damage
  • Crime Prevention
  • Protect Guests
  • Emergency Response
  • Provide Sense Of Security
  • Additional Customer Service
  • Monitor Video Surveillance

Reasons To Increase Hotel Security

There are also instances when a hotel should increase the security program in order to better ensure the safety of its guests. Pro-Tect Security has the industry knowledge and experience needed to adequately adapt to any situation that would require an increase or change in your security program including:

  • Nearby Crime

Recent crime in the area or an increase in local crime is genuine reasons to hire a hotel security guard or increase security detail. Failing to provide adequate security for your hotel can create dangerous situations for both your staff and guests. It can also create legal problems or problems with law enforcement if there are indications that you failed in your responsibility to offer adequate protection to the guests.

  • Crime In The Hotel

If a crime happens in your hotel, you should increase the level of security. A crime, regardless of severity, may seem small but responding by hiring a hotel security guard may help prevent future, more serious, crimes.

  • ‘Risky’ Guests

Security should also be increased if you host risky guests, such as a person or group of people whose presence could put other guests and the establishment at risk. These guests may not be dangerous themselves, but could attract negative or increased attention, such as a politician or celebrity.

Pro-Tect Security offers premier hotel security guards for any hotel in the Las Vegas area. For more information, contact us today for a custom security quote.

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