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HOA Should Consider Several Factors Before Hiring Armed Guards

One of the primary responsibilities of a neighborhood’s HOA (homeowner association) is to ensure the safety and security of the community by putting in place the necessary security measures needed for the community. Not all communities require or desire security guards, however there are many that do.


For those communities in which professional security is deemed necessary and beneficial, the most effective course of action is to work with an established security guard company. Hiring a security guard company to handle the security of your neighborhood provides you with the assurance that the guards in place have the training, knowledgeable, and experience needed to implement and enforce the security protocols needed to protect the residents of your community.


With experienced security guards, you provide your HOA with:


  • Protection
  • Deterrence for criminal activity
  • Enforcement of HOA regulations
  • Traffic and parking enforcement
  • Monitoring of homes, vehicles, property, and community amenities or shared areas


Working with a professional security company also affords you options in customized security packages allowing you to find the level of security that will most benefit your community. Some of options available to you when you choose to hire a professional HOA security contractor include 24-hour gate security, vehicle or bike security patrol, and the option to choose either armed or unarmed uniformed officers.


While many of the security decisions you will need to make are simple to decide upon, the question of whether to hire armed or unarmed guards in a gated HOA community might not be so easy. There are several variables that should be taken into account when choosing the specific factors of each individual HOA security plan, but there are also many variables that can affect the decision of arming guards.


If your HOA is struggling to decide between armed or unarmed security guards, here are several factors to consider that might help.


  • Will Your HOA Insurance Company Provide Coverage For Armed Guards? Many insurance companies for HOA’s will not provide coverage for associations that choose to use armed guards. If a company does, it will likely provide limited options for general liability insurance along with a higher premium. If you cannot find the insurance coverage needed to protect the HOA, you will be held liable and fully financially responsible.


  • Has Your Legal Counsel Reviewed Your Proposed Security Plan? Be sure that your lawyer has thoroughly reviewed your proposal along with the security company contract, and insurance policy. Legal counsel can provide you with the key information and insight into the liability and logistics of having armed guards from a legal standpoint and they can ensure that all wording, terms and conditions will protect the association’s liability.


  • Do The Residents Approve Of Armed Security Guards? You may want to schedule an HOA meeting to get input from the residents of your community and take a vote if necessary.


  • Does The Crime Rate In The Area Require It? If your community is faced with continual crime-related problems such as shootings, gang activity, burglary, attacks on residents, it may be wise to have an armed security guard. This may also apply if you are near an area that has a higher crime rate. For communities with low crime rate, however, an armed security guard is not necessary. A uniformed guard is often all you need to provide a visual deterrence.


  • Are You Working With A Professional Security Company? A professional, established, and reputable security company is the best option for any HOA security plan, whether guards are armed or not. With industry expertise, high requirements for training, stringent background checks for all employees, and experience in a wide range of security concerns, a professional security company will ensure that the security protocols in place for your HOA will keep your community safe and secure.


For more questions about HOA security or to schedule a consultation with a professional and trusted Las Vegas HOA security company, call our team at Pro-Tect Security today at (702) 735-0110.


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