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Should You Hire Security Guards For Your Music Event?

March 12, 2018  |   Event Security    

Planning and managing a music event of any size requires extensive planning, yet one important decision that is often left undecided is the need for professional security guards. While it might initially seem as an unnecessary cost, investing in highly trained and experienced security guards at your music event is a crucial element for ensuring a successful and smooth event.

Crowd Management

Music events inevitably attract large crowds of people. At particularly large events, there could be hundreds or even thousands of excited people anxious to hear their favorite musicians perform live. This type of crowd is often the most difficult to control. Concertgoers can get overly excited, overly intoxicated, or even highly emotional in some cases, resulting in a potentially chaotic situation.

The best way to avoid this is to have well-trained security guards posted at crucial positions of the event for effective crowd management. Experienced security guards at a music event will be able to direct the crowd on where to go and how to behave. They are able to identify groups of people who could potentially trigger chaos, frenzy, or danger. They are then able to take quick decisive action that will bring people under control or if necessary remove them from the premises so that the remainder of the event can go on without any unfortunate incidents.

Event Security

Rear view of event staff at outdoor summer concert.


During most music events, alcohol is available for purchase, allowed to be brought in, or at a minimum people may show up already intoxicated. People under the influence of alcohol can get unruly or aggressive rather quickly and start negative or dangerous situations. To avoid such incidents at your music event, you need security guards who  are able to monitor overly intoxicated guests and control drunken situations before they can disturb your event or disturb other guests.

Protection Of Performers

There can be situations where guests feel the need to climb onto the stage to get close to the performers. While they are generally harmless, this might not always be the case. In some situations, the spectator might get offended or angry when asked to get of the stage or they might even have ill intent towards the performer. If this person happens to have sharp objects or weapons with them, the performer will be at risk of injury or death. Having professional security guards positioned at the stage will ensure that such violent spectators are immediately brought down under control and that the performers can continue with the event without facing any physical threats.

Financial Risk Of No Security

The security risk and financial risk of failing to provide proper security at a music event is enormous. If an unfortunate incident happens in which guests are badly, or even fatally, wounded, then you, as the event organizer, will be held financially liable. Proper security is expected for such events, making your decision to not hire security guards irresponsible and dangerous. As a result, you may have to pay a large amount in compensation to aggrieved parties, which can cause significant financial strain on business.

Las Vegas Music Event Security

At Pro-Tect Security, we believe that proper security is absolutely necessary for any music event. Our trained security guards are highly experienced with concert crowds and are effectively able to help you ensure that your music event runs smoothly. Contact us today for more information or to request a quote.

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