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Five Things To Know About Modern Executive Protection

August 26, 2019  |   Executive Protection    

Professional executive protection provides prominent figures with the reassurance that their personal safety is upheld as a top priority. In this day and age, celebrities, executives, dignitaries and many other high profile clients need executive protection to safeguard them from both physical and digital threats.


Public figures, wealthy individuals, and higher-level executives are among the most likely to be targeted and attacked, but with executive protection, they are able to minimize the risk and effects. To make the most of their executive protection, however, should know about several key aspects of modern executive protection.


  1. Know Their Surroundings


Prominent figures from any industry or background are often required to travel and make public appearances making them an easier target for attacks, surveillance, espionage, hacking, and more. Attacks can come in many forms from both expected and unexpected sources.


Although it may seem unnatural or illogical to consider themselves a target, a person in a high-profile position must take steps to protect themselves. The most effective way to do so is with professional executive protection with experience in identifying and preventing attacks of any nature. People can also help to minimize the risk of attack by remaining vigilant of their surroundings, both physically and digitally.


Situational awareness can go a long way in stopping attacks before they can cause significant damage. By proactively monitoring the people and actions around them, clients are able to identify situations that could result in an attack.


  1. Know Their Team 


Not all threats come from outside sources. The most detrimental attacks can come from trusted employees, associates, contacts, or even trusted individuals. Clients should be careful and cautious with whom they trust and whom they allow into their circle, both personally and in business. Insiders are often responsible for a large percentage of data breaches along with other forms of threats or attacks. A client should have a non-biased understanding of the people and team surrounding them in order to stop the detrimental actions of any disgruntled or greedy connection.


  1. Know The Internet 


The Internet makes it possible to publicize any type of information at a moments notice creating a detrimental opportunity for a cyber attack. Hackers and cyber stalkers can cause debilitating harm to high profile individuals or companies by exposing sensitive, personal, financial, or business information among other things. Social attacks can also become highly visible thanks to the far-reaching possibilities found in the digital world. People must remain overly-cautious and proactive to protect themselves from digital attacks of any nature.


  1. Know Who They Are 


Cyber attackers can also cause irreparable damage by impersonating high-profile executives on social media or other media outlets. Those in a position of wealth or power must invest in preventative measures that will stop an attacker from infiltrating their business, damaging their reputation, or causing harmful effects on a brand or business.


  1. Know That All Security Teams Are Connected 


Effective executive protection involves both physical and cyber security teams that must work together in order to provide the highest level of protection. By working with a professional executive protection company, prominent individuals and companies can have the reassurance that both sides are informed of the others actions, concerns, and tactics. Professional executive protection establishes standardized process in order to communicate, collaborate, and take action in the most effective manner.


Las Vegas Executive Protection Security Services 


Pro-Tect Security in Las Vegas, Nevada offers superior executive protection for both local and nationally recognized high profile clients. For more information, contact Pro-Tect Security today at (702) 735-0110.


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