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Executive Protection Services – There Is A Lot More Than You Would Think

February 28, 2019  |   Executive Protection    

Executives of any nature can be faced with a varying range of threats putting their lives and even the lives of their families at risk, in addition to the threat to their business or position.  With executive protection services, however, prominent figures in many high profile positions are able to walk more peacefully in the spotlight. The demand of executive protection services is greater than you may imagine as the ways in which a person can be threatened increase.


Executive Protection Services Is More Than Hiring A Bodyguard


People often make the assumption that executive protection is the same as having a bodyguard. While the two entities overlap in duties in many ways, there is a dramatic difference between the two positions. A bodyguard is hired to protect a person from imminent or sudden threats in a more reactive role. Bodyguards are typically hired based on skill, but also largely on their physical characteristics as their size and appearance are meant to function as a deterrent to potential threats. A bodyguard will also offer basic services in terms of transportation of their client, they are present but likely do not offer services that to plan a route and schedule.


Like a bodyguard, executive protection officers are responsible for reactively protecting a client against sudden threats, but the level of service goes much farther and deeper. Executive protection is designed to function in a more proactive and precautionary role in as much as they do in a reactive role. EP officers are trained to identify potential threats from a number of sources and then mitigate the risks from those threats. Executive protection takes a much more thorough, or even analytical approach into safeguarding their clients. Through planning and preparation, executive protection aims to reduce the risk of exposure at varying degrees. Through advanced physical and tactical training, executive protection also provides armed and unarmed deterrents and solutions to any physical attack.


In terms of transportation, executive protection works to ensure a secure transport for their client. Combining risk assessment with local awareness and experience, an executive protection officer creates a safe route that is carefully scheduled. Executive protection officers are insured and documented offering reassurance to clients. They also provide protection during trips or vacations establishing a security plan for any form of travel.


More About Executive Protection Services


Executive protection provides services for corporate executives, dignitaries, diplomats, celebrities, and many other high profile clients. It also works to protect businesses or corporations as a whole. In this day and age, threats to a company or individual can come through many different avenues such as physical, social, cyber, operational, intelligence, or media. Executive protection services incorporate a variety of hard and soft skills to prevent and respond to an attack of any nature. Through expert knowledge and a specialized skill set, executive protection services can offer more value than you may think. They are comprehensively equipped to provide professional protection for any prominent figure in any situation.


Las Vegas Executive Protection Security Services


Pro-Tect Security in Las Vegas, Nevada offers superior executive protection for both local and nationally recognized high profile clients. We are a premier security provider providing comprehensive executive protection to those at a higher risk of personal security due to social status, employment, financial net worth, government position, and more. For more information, contact Pro-Tect Security today at (702) 735-0110.


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