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Corporate Executive Protection In The 21st Century

December 6, 2018  |   Executive Protection    

Over the years, private security has been forced to evolve in order to better meet the needs of clients while also addressing the threats of the current age. The corporate executive protection (EP) division is a clear example of these necessary modern changes. A cadre that was once predominately managed with traditional law enforcement and military practices has advanced into a unique division of private security designed for the needs of corporate businesses.

The Modern Demand Of Corporate EP

While corporate executive protection still requires the invaluable tactical skills that characterize private protection, the 21st century demands that those traditional tactics are met with specialized procedures for modern corporate operations. The decision to invest in corporate executive protection is typically done for multi-faceted security. Ensuring the safety of prominent company members along is key objective, but corporate EP must also work to protect elements that ensure corporate productivity.

An effective executive protection strategy in the modern corporate world must offer experience in the hard skills and soft skills that will mitigate risk to both personnel and principal.  This change in approach has allowed corporate executive protection agencies to offer protection at all necessary levels including physical safety and technological security.

The Hard And Soft Skills Needed For Corporate EP

Attacks on a corporation can come through many avenues. In order to combat the various types of threats possible, corporate executive protection services must be adequately trained, equipped, and prepared with a diverse skill set. Employing both hard and soft skills are what will allow a private security company to provide the most comprehensive approach to corporate executive protection.

The hard skills include any tactical efforts used to combat a physical attack. These skills include the tactical intelligence needed to efficiently execute protective maneuvers for corporate executive and other principal personnel including physical protection, driving, travel protection, and surveillance. Corporate EP agents must be able to identify physical threats and know how to respond. They must also know when to act and when it is better to stand down.

These hard skills, among so many others are necessary and valuable, but must be complemented with soft skills that will combat the technological attacks that can threaten a company’s productivity, financial value and purpose. These skills extend to protection of corporate privacy, reputation, technology, operating systems, social media, logistics, and much more.

A Demand For Advancement In Corporate EP

Preventing and responding to cyber attacks of any nature has become a necessity in terms of corporate executive protection. In a world dictated and connected by technological advancements, complete protection of a corporation can only be successful when all fronts are protected. This growing demand for the soft skills of executive protection has also created a demand for changes and advancements to operating systems of leading private security agencies, including their approach to management and organization of agents and assignments.

Corporate executive protection for the 21st century requires operating systems that can manage all of the various vulnerable areas within a corporation. This includes highly trained agents that are knowledgeable, experienced and equipped for a physical, intelligence, cyber, operational, social, or technological attack.

Las Vegas Corporate Executive Protection Services

At Pro-Tect Security, our mission is to provide the most comprehensive level of private security. We are committed to staying current on the most advanced techniques and maintaining a current operating system that will allow us to provide your corporation with superior corporate executive protection services. Call us today at (702) 735-0110 to learn more.


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