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Coordinating Event Security And Executive Protection

November 29, 2018  |   Event Security, Executive Protection    

Live events such as sport games, concerts, festivals or more still have a significant appeal even for public figures or high profile people who need executive protection. When the two entities meet, the need to coordinate event security and executive protection can become difficult to maneuver if the necessary level of experience is not present on both sides.

Event security and executive protection both carry their own individual objectives and share a common goal of maintaining safety and security. This common goal however is reached through different methods and tactics that at times must meet and function cohesively. Coordinating the two entities, for example when a person requiring executive protection wants to attend a live, public event, is best done when both sides are managed by professional security agencies.

Event security on its own demands meticulous, multi faceted planning and skillful execution in order to maintain the safety of all people present and protect the venue. Event security holds the responsibility of guaranteeing that the event runs smoothly all throughout. Executive protection likewise demands meticulous planning, but must be implemented in a smaller, tighter perimeter. An executive protection agent must be able to work within the spectrum of a larger and more complex unit in order to ensure the security of their individual client.

Understanding The Role Of Executive Protection Within Event Security

Event security has a significantly broader responsibility in terms of security objectives, as it must keep the safety and security of everyone and everything present at the event for the duration of the event. An executive protection agent keeping the safety and security of a private individual must know how to operate successfully within the parameters set for the event.

Event security must protect the venue as a whole from the surrounding traffic through to off-limits areas inside, from set-up to breakdown, from event spectators through to event hosts. With such a wide range of responsibility in threat assessment and risk mitigation on the shoulders of event security, executive protection must identify threats and execute an effective response within the limits demanded of event security.

The most efficient way for simultaneous operation of event security and executive protection is through clear communication, mutual understanding of logistics, and detailed comprehensive planning. The two entities must work closely together along with any other security teams present in order to maintain individual control of their own responsibilities and objectives, which may include elements such as:

  • Organization of all agents involved and all VIP’s present
  • Coordination of communication and related tech
  • Identifying entrances, exits, escape routes and general layout of the venue.
  • Understanding of accepted and allowed procedures
  • Creation of emergency contingency plans
  • Risk of threats within the venue
  • Acknowledging and respecting individual roles and objectives within the event
  • Establishing communication with event coordinators and event staff
  • Maintaining respectful cooperation with all present parties
  • Clear understanding of security protocols, credentials and safety zones
  • Ensuring strong leadership and dedicated service

At Pro-Tect Security, we have over 37 years of dedicated security experience. Our team has the expertise needed to deliver Las Vegas event security or Las Vegas executive protection in conjunction with one another or in conjunction with another agency. To learn more about maintaining an effective relationship between event security and executive protection, call us today at (702) 735-0110.


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