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8 Tips For Ensuring Your Event Is Safe

December 15, 2017  |   Event Security    

For any successful event, providing adequate security measures is an essential element needed to avoid disturbances that could disrupt guests or the purpose of your event. Having a properly planned and implemented security plan in place will ensure that no internal or external conflicts will hinder your event.

Event Security

Consider the following 8 tips to ensure a safe event:

#1 – Let professional security experts handle the event. An experienced event security company will have the knowledge and expertise needed to implement the necessary security measures while being able to efficiently anticipate potential disruptions before they escalate. Using employees of your organization to carry out security functions at the event can be risky, as they likely do not have the experience needed to handle unfortunate incidents or problems.

#2 – Make sure that all key coordinators of the event are familiar with the layout of the event’s venue. Take the time to walk through the hallways, exits, and so on so that you have a clear idea of the space you are in should a situation arise. If you hire a private event security company, they always take the time to assess the event space in order to best prepare security protocols and the amount of security guards needed.

#3 – Always screen the guests attending the event. Make sure that only those who are registered are allowed to enter the venue and maintain an up-to-date list of all attendees. Placing security guards at the entrance will help to ensure that unregistered or unaccounted people do not enter or participate in the event. Be careful to check identification of all guests before allowing them to enter the event.

#4 – Be sure that those in charge of security have practiced emergency evacuation drills thoroughly. This will allow them to more calmly and efficiently direct guests out of the venue in the case of an emergency

#5 – Be prepared for problems. Depending on the type of event you’re holding, you should be able to know what type of issues is most likely to occur.  If you are having a big holiday party with alcohol available, you should be prepared for potential problems from drunken guests. If you are having an event about a controversial issue, you should be prepared for protesters or attacks from those who hold opposing views.

#5 – Take the time to ensure that members of both the planning committee and the security team are comfortable working with each other. Strain or tension between members can hamper effective communication, especially in difficult or stressful moments. Professionalism should be a requirement that you do not deviate from.

#6 – Warn guests of necessary searches of property and person. Placing a note on invitations or at the very least having a sign displayed will help to limit negative reactions from guests. Taking the time to search purses, bags or having a metal detector in place could make a significant difference in reducing potentially dangerous altercations.

#7 – If there is not a medical facility nearby the venue, you may consider hiring a professional medical support team to provide any immediate or emergency medical care. Large events in particular would benefit from on-site medical support, not only in problem situations but to handle any medical issue that may come up such as a food allergy or a fall.

#8 – Be sure to only hire security personnel that have passed a background check. Thoroughly looking into both professional and personal history will provide you greater confidence in their capabilities and reliability. Due diligence is a key responsibility for any event coordinator, as safety should be a top priority. Professional event security companies perform thorough and strict background checks on all guards, so you can rest assured in the quality of security you are provided.

Pro-Tect Security provides superior Las Vegas Event Security. Our team of knowledgeable professionals has the expertise needed to ensure safety at any event. Contact us today at 702-735-0110 for more information. 

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