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7 Things to Know Before hiring an Armed Security Guard Service

April 6, 2017  |   Armed Security Guards, Security Guard    

An armed security guard can be an excellent resource for protecting a business from harm if they are hired using the right guidelines. Here are seven important things we think every business owner needs to know before hiring an armed security guard.


  1. Make sure an armed guard is appropriate for your business

Business owners should make sure that employees and customers will be comfortable with armed personnel on site. They should also ensure that an armed guard will be an effective security solution for their company.

  1. Armed security guard companies should be licensed

A license through the Department of Public Safety ensures that guards have undergone a thorough screening process and background check.

  1. Security guards should have individual licenses too

Not only should a private security company be licensed, but each guard should have individual licenses to verify their skills and knowledge. These licenses must be renewed every few years, ensuring that the security guard has knowledge that is up to date.

  1. The best guards receive extensive, ongoing training

The best guards have extensive training and experience with weapons, security technology, security techniques, counter-terrorism, interacting with the public, report writing, risk assessment, and more. Not only should they have training before they are hired, but that training should be ongoing.

  1. Armed guards should have plenty of experience

Theoretical training is not enough. A professional armed guard should not be a novice with little or no on the job experience when they take on armed guard duty. It is important that they have plenty of experience working as a security professional in an unarmed setting before they graduate to armed service.

  1. Guard monitoring is an important service

GPS tracking and communication technology should be used by the security company to supervise their armed guards and help keep them safe throughout their shifts.

  1. Armed security guards can have additional duties

Some businesses like to have the security guards perform additional duties during their guard duty or rounds, such as checking or emptying waste bins. It’s important to verify whether security guards are willing to perform additional tasks that don’t interfere with their security work.

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