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7 Signs You Need Help With Commercial Property Security

April 23, 2019  |   Commercial Security, Security Guard, Security Officer    

Security for commercial properties is not a task that should be left to inexperienced employees. Securing commercial businesses such as an office building complex, shopping center including malls or strip malls, medical professional buildings, or corporate complexes can be a large and complex job that requires unique expertise and industry knowledge. If you are a business owner, property manager, or security manager for a commercial property and are unsure if you should hire a professional commercial property security contractor, here are 7 signs that you need help.


1) You Are Experiencing An Increasing Number Of Security Issues


As a commercial property, you likely have documentation of all security issues that have taken place on your grounds or buildings. If you have noticed an increase in security problems, even if it is just a seasonal concern, you might consider professional help to keep that number from rising.


2) There Is An Increase In Crime In The Area


If the neighborhood or city your business is located in has noticed an increase in crime, you should take proactive measures to avoid being affected. Even if your individual property has not experienced a significant increase in security concerns, hiring professional commercial property security will provide you the best opportunity to remain unaffected.


3) Neighboring Businesses Are Having Security Problems


Ask the shops or offices around you and nearby if they have experienced similar security issues as you have and take note of any other issues they may be struggling with. This will give you a better idea of the security measures that might be necessary going forward.


4) Your Current Security Measures Aren’t Working Consistently


If you currently have a security program in place, but are not getting the results you need, then it might be time to upgrade to professional service. Security measures and programs that do not consistently work or that does not integrate well with your business needs and goals should be modified before a serious security problem occurs.


5) There Have Been Complaints About Your Security Personnel


If you have hired your own security personnel, you should be careful to monitor their performance and be careful to look into any complaints made against them. Complaints can come from even the smallest misunderstanding, but a pattern of complaints could indicate a serious problem with an employee. By hiring a professional security company, you can trust that you are getting the best service possible.


6) You Want Better Long-Term Results


Even if the current security program and personnel you have are producing results, you may find that it is not equipped to provide long-term results through growth and future changes. A professional security company, on the other hand, is highly experienced and knowledgeable about the security industry and able to adapt to deliver results now and in the future.


7) You Simply Aren’t Working With A Professional Security Company Yet


Hiring a professional security company for your commercial security provides a higher level of security and safety for your business, employees, and guests. A professional security company such as Pro-Tect Security in Las Vegas, Nevada has years of experience to create a customized security program that will meet and surpass your needs, goals, and expectations. Call us today at (702) 735-0110 to learn more about what professional commercial security can offer.


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