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7 Qualities Every Close Protection Operative Should Have

June 27, 2018  |   Security Guard, Security Officer    

Close protection operatives, such as bodyguards or private security officers, can provide expert security protection for both private clients and businesses. As such, it is essential for operatives to be highly trained in order to best develop the skills that will enable them to protect their clients from any type of threat. At Pro-Tect Security in Las Vegas, we employ background checked close protection operatives with the key qualities needed to successfully and efficiently protect you, those you love, or your business.

A close protection operative should be:

Alert At All Times

Our professional Las Vegas security officers are alert at all times, continually watching for possible signs of danger and ill-will. By remaining alert, close protection operatives are able to think, react and act quickly ensuring the protection of any client.

A Clear Thinker Under Stress

Close protection operatives must have enough mental fortitude to think clearly under tremendous amounts of stress. Regardless of a situation, a security operative must not lose focus on their primary objective – to protect the client; they must be able to quickly make effective decisions in moments of stress in order to offer the best level of protection.  Security guards with Pro-Tect Security will be able to think calmly, strategize based on the circumstances and come up with ideas that will save both the client and themselves.

Combat Ready

The most effective and dependable security guard will be thoroughly trained in multiple forms of combat, such as hand-to-hand fighting or martial arts. Through combat-style training, a close protection operative is able to depend on their own body as a weapon in addition to firearms or knives, better allowing them to neutralize threats swiftly and effectively. Defense tactics training will also provide an operative with knowledge on how to use objects in their surroundings as tools to protect clients.

Maintaining training in defense maneuvers or martial arts, also helps to encourage a higher level of physical fitness, strength, and endurance. Close protection operatives who are physically fit will have an advantage in many situations.

Tech Savvy

At Pro-Tect Security, we also ensure that our Las Vegas security officers learn the basics of technology allowing them to take advantage of the tools available in this day and age. Our close protection operatives will know how to effectively use communication devices along with security-specific technology.

Experienced In Handling Of Firearms

An armed security officer with Pro-Tect Security will be thoroughly knowledgeable, trained and experienced everything about firearms – how to handle them, which firearms to use under different conditions, and so on. They will have the confidence needed to safely and effectively handle their own firearm, while also knowing how to best confront armed threats.

Excellent Communicators

Communication from a close protection officer must be clear, precise, and to the point. They must avoid convoluted sentences and instead focus on quickly getting their message across. This will foster proper understanding between the client, operative, and others such as back-up personnel or surrounding civilians.

Good Driving Skills

Protection operatives should also have excellent driving skills that will allow them safely and swiftly take clients to safety in a vehicle. At Pro-Tect Security, we ensure that our Las Vegas security guards have valid driver’s licenses as well as experience in defensive driving.

For superior professional security solutions in the Las Vegas area, contact Pro-Tect Security today at (702) 735-0110.

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