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6 Ways To Improve Company Security Today

December 12, 2017  |   Commercial Security    

For any business owner, a main concern is ensuring the security of your company and employees. Inefficient security protocols can be costly, not only financially, but also for the reputation of your business and even for the well being of your employees and clients. Investing in improving company security is worth the cost in order to ensure your company is protected.

Here are 6 ways to help you improve the security of your company today:

24×7 Monitoring

Many businesses with a physical location have not yet invested in security monitoring. Installing security cameras can provide invaluable footage in the event of a break-in or attack. You don’t have to cover all areas initially. Instead, install cameras at strategic, high traffic areas, and ensure that these regions are monitored all day long. This move alone can improve security, as it will deter suspicious people with ill intent, or at the very least you will have a better chance of identifying them.

Installing an alarm system is another way to ensure 24/7 monitoring of your company. Many alarm companies also offer security cameras as part of the package.

For even additional security, you may consider hiring a professional private security company and provide yourself the additional peace of mind that comes from having a trained security guard on the premises.

Develop Security Policy

Make sure that you develop an exhaustive policy that details security policies of the company in full. It should contain information about access restrictions, monitoring policies, privacy protection, and so on. Implementing a strict security policy will not only help to prevent threats, it will also provide staff with a clear picture of issues to watch for.

Educate Staff About Possible Threats

Taking the necessary time to properly train and educate the staff on threatening human behavior or the type of threats that your business is most at risk for can make a significant difference. You particularly want to ensure that all employees are informed about ways to identify suspicious activity, behavior, and even body language. This will help your staff to better detect possible corrupt behavior in other employees, clients and visitors to the premises. It will also provide them with efficient ways to act in the event of a problem.

Encrypt Data

If your business uses data servers, then you must definitely look into encrypting them. This will protect it from being hacked, thereby ensuring that no sensitive data is leaked by third parties.

You will also want to make sure the use of strong and unique passwords in order to avoid easy access to classified or sensitive information.

Increase Security On Special Occasions

If you are hosting a special event where a large number of guests will be present, then be sure to hire extra security. Events can often attract protesters or provide a platform for someone seeking to harm your business. By hiring a professional event security company you can provide your guests and staff with a higher level of invaluable protection.

Thoroughly Check Employees

Make sure that you always do a thorough background check on all employees before you hire them. Look at whether they have a history of drug use, criminal record, or any such things. A background check will provide you with the information needed to ensure that your company is protected from those with most access.

For more information about ways to improve your company’s security, contact Pro-Tect Security today at 702-735-0110.

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