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6 Helpful Tips for Improving Your Security Guard Service

August 29, 2017  |   Security Guard    

We all know the advantages of having a security guard around.

Guards can monitor events, help with receiving guests, and provide quick responses should an incident arise. However, not everyone gets the same results from their security guard service. Here are some ways you can tighten things up and get the most out of your security providers.

1. Get to Know the Security Guards

If you use a security guard service, you should make sure they know what tasks they have in front of them.

Show them the area, review potential risk factors, and establish reliable communication channels beforehand. Once the security guard service understands their responsibilities, they can fulfill them more efficiently.

2. Review Their Credentials

A security guard service can earn various credentials pertaining to the equipment they can use and the situations they can handle.

Hiring a good security guard service means looking for ones with credentials, or encouraging existing guards to gain credentials if necessary.

3. Review Their Training

This goes along with credentials, but training is even more important for a security guard. Guards that have been taught how to monitor areas, spot potential problems, and respond to dangerous situations can provide better results for anyone.

4. Lay Out Expectations Beforehand

Even after a guard has been briefed about their responsibilities, it is good to provide a bit of additional information.

If there are certain courses of action which are better for a given event or location, make sure the security guards know about this early on.

5. Perform Regular Inspections

While security guards are great for monitoring locations, sometimes it is good to monitor the guards. Checking on a security guard service as they work is a great way to find areas for improvement.

6. Use Professional Organizations

There are many security guard services out there, but not all are the same. If one service is lacking, it may be a good idea to find a more established solution.

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