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5 Tips for Hiring Security Teams: Keeping Your Event Safe and Sound

November 24, 2016  |   Event Security    

When you’re throwing an event, it should be an exciting and enjoyable experience. No one likes to think about the possibility of conflicts or serious issues occurring at these events, but in some cases preparation can be the best deterrent. Planning ahead can allow you to make sure your event remains peaceful and fun for all. Following these five tips can help you hire the best security for your needs.


Hire the Right Amount of Event Security

The first question to ask yourself when it comes to hiring security is: how many guards do you actually need? Obviously, there is no need to hire more guards than are necessary depending on the size of the event. But you don’t want to end up with too few event security guards, either. Based on the size of the venue and the estimated attendance numbers, you can get a good estimate about how many guards you need.

Look for the Professionals

Event security is about more than having capable people on hand to deal with conflicts – it’s about making sure the security guards you choose are professional. By conducting themselves properly and understanding the fundamentals of conflict avoidance, professional event security can help you keep things peaceful.

Learn How to Use Security Properly

While some people think that event guards are only needed as a security measure, using these guards in the proper way can prove very valuable. Having guards watch the door of a venue or having them present at the registration/sign-in desk allows them to monitor an event and provide a presence which can deter conflicts.

Have the Team Visit Your Venue Beforehand

In order to make sure they can provide the best possible service, event security officers need to understand the layout of the venue where they will be providing services. This lets them plan ahead and ensures they can handle any issues which may arise on the property.

Meet with the Security Team Ahead of Time

Getting quality event security can help keep your event peaceful and safe. When you’ve chosen a team, it’s a good idea to meet with them beforehand. This will let you find out a bit about them and ensure that you’re on the same page concerning how to keep the venue safe.

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