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5 Responsibilities Entrusted To Security Guards

January 22, 2018  |   Security Guard    

The primary responsibility of a security guard is to protect that which has been assigned to them, such as an object, person, event, or anything else. And to this effect, they are required to undertake certain specific responsibilities to ensure their success.

Always Be Alert

The first responsibility of a security guard is to always be on alert. Danger can come at any moment, from any direction requiring security guards to remain vigilant in order to effectively protect what has been entrusted to them.  Security guards must be aware of their surroundings, watching for suspicious or abnormal activity.

Security Protocols

At times, security guards are asked to first develop and then implement individual security protocols for varying businesses or events. As such, security guards must have the knowledge and experience to effectively analyze situations, identify security concerns, and creating the protocols needed to counter security risks and ensure safety. An experienced security guard will best be able to decide on the necessary security measures and then put them into action.

Provide Instructions

When assigned to an event, security guards will have the additional responsibility of communicating necessary instructions to visitors. This might include instructions regarding safety procedures and behavioral rules, but also provide information to guests in need of direction or help. Regardless, it is the responsibility of the guard to provide instructions in a clear, polite and professional manner so that guests are always treated with respect and are not confused as to what is expected from them.

Get Help Needed

There can be situations in which security guards and those they are entrusted to protect will be put in a position of danger. Security guards carry the responsibility to get the required help in order to better manage the situation and protect lives. A security guard’s duties include remaining calm and effective under stressful situations and taking the initiative to quickly contact first responders including police, fire and paramedics.


Guards are expected to provide detailed reports to the business that has hired them along with their own superiors. On certain occasions, a verbal report may be sufficient, but a written report detailing the security situation is most often required in order to ensure accountability. Security guards are responsible for providing thorough reporting, making note of any abnormality or concern and likewise being sure to effectively communicate those observations or concerns.

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