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5 Loss Prevention Tips Security Guards Should Know

May 30, 2017  |   Security Guard    

Security guards are critical for loss prevention. Sometimes the presence of a guard is enough to deter thieves entirely.

Companies that hire security guards should make sure the guards are properly trained on how to reduce loss. Using these tips can make things a little easier for the on-duty security.

Tip One: Utilize the Greeting

A greeting is more than an ice breaker – when a security guard greets a person, it lets that individual know the area is protected. For the peaceful person coming to enjoy the company’s goods or services, this may make them feel safe. For the would-be thief, it could make them think twice.

Tip Two: Know the Terrain

The more a security guard knows about a location, the easier it is for them to protect it. Companies who hire security guards should give them a tour of the area and point out areas where loss is the most severe.

Tip Three: Look the Part

We all know that to be taken seriously in an occupation, you have to look the part. This is especially true with a security guard, as looking professional and capable makes potential thieves reconsider their plans.

Tip Four: Use Security Equipment

Security feeds can be a guard’s best friend, especially if they have a big area to keep track of. Even equipment like mirrors can be used to eliminate blind spots and provide the complete coverage stores need to truly minimize shrink.

Tip Five: Know How Criminals Think

The typical robber likes to remain low-key. They aim to get in, grab what they’re looking for, and make a quick getaway. If a person seems suspect or their behavior is cause for concern, security guards may need to keep an eye on them to prevent loss.

For more information about security guards and how they can help with loss prevention, contact Pro-Tect Security today!

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