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4 Reasons Why Robots Won’t Be Replacing Human Security Guards Anytime Soon

March 7, 2018  |   Security Guard    

The function and role of robot security has been a topic of interesting conversation lately. Most of these discussions largely focus on a future scenario where human guards will completely be replaced by robots. However, this hypothetical advancement is very unlikely to happen in the immediate future for four simple reasons. At Pro-Tect Security, we believe and invest in the long-term relevancy and benefit of human security guards.

Restricted Functionalities

A robot has restricted functionalities, as it is only able to function in the way that it has been designed to function. It cannot perform any task that has not been programmed into it. For example, security robots at the entrance of a hotel may be tasked with scanning all visitors. However, if a visitor acts suspiciously or runs away, the robot will not be able to chase them if they have not been programmed for that. In contrast, a human security guard stationed at an entrance who sees a suspect run away is quickly able to react and chase or capture the suspect. It is this restriction in capabilities that will always give human security guards a massive edge over pre-programmed robots.

Incapable Of Own Judgment

hire security guards las vegasRobot security guards cannot make judgments on their own; they do not have the ability to reason or adapt based on circumstances. Their sole function is to operate as commanded (i.e. as programmed). If robot security is designed to only look out for people who enter a premise with metal objects, it is only able to perform that specific purpose. While watching for metal objects can be beneficial in ensuring that no sharp objects, which can be used as weapons, enter a specific place, the robot will not know to search or recognize dangerous objects made of other materials. For example, instead of metal objects, a person might carry a sharpened wooden object. In addition, unfortunately, a machine is not able to evaluate a person’s actions, body language or other signs that they might turn out to be dangerous and ill intentioned. In contrast, a human security guard, even though he has been instructed to watch for metal objects is also able to determine that a sharp wooden object can also be dangerous. A human security guard is trained to identify signs of suspicious or out of place behavior and is able to take effective action quickly and efficiently in order to diminish a potential threat.

Can Be Hacked

A robot, regardless of how advanced, is simply a creation of human technology that is susceptible to the work of an expert hacker. Imagine holding an event guarded exclusively by robots, only for these machines to be completely hacked and rendered useless, or worse reprogrammed to cause harm or damage. This is one of the greatest concerns when it comes to the idea of robotic security guards; a concern that does not exist by employing human security guards. Therefore, an event manager can rest assured in the reliability of their human security guards and their ability to protect the premises in case of an attack.


The cost of employing and operating robotic security guards is significantly higher than the cost of hiring human guards. While the initial per hour rate of the robot could be lower than that of a human, robot security will carry numerous other additional costs. They will require a human operator to operate it and to keep it in check, along with a repair technician to correct its errors and malfunctions. They also require routine technological updates with the latest software, and may even require third party software to extend its functionalities. These are just a few examples of potential costs, all of which can eventually make robot security guards much too expensive when compared to human guards in the long run.

Las Vegas Professional Security Guards

At Pro-Tect Security, we trust in the reliability, intuition, and functional capabilities of our highly trained security guards. We provide reliable security service that is not susceptible to technological limitations at prices you can afford. Contact us today with any questions about hiring our professional human security guards for your next Las Vegas event.

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