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4 Benefits Of Having An HOA Security Guard

August 21, 2018  |   HOA security, HOA security guards, Security Guard    

As an HOA (homeowner’s association) your focus should go beyond maintaining the appearance of the neighborhood, but should also extend to maintaining safety. Unfortunately, crime seems to continually be on the rise, making it both necessary and beneficial to ensure the safety of the Las Vegas homes within your HOA. Hiring an experienced Las Vegas HOA security guard is the best way to effectively secure the properties in your neighborhood.


Pro-Tect Security offers complete Las Vegas security solutions including HOA security. Our HOA security guards are highly trained, certified and have passed thorough background checks giving you the peace of mind that the safety of your HOA properties and residents is in good hands.


Benefits Of A Las Vegas HOA Security Guard


Hiring a professional security company for your HOA security provides many benefits including the assurance that your HOA security is handled by qualified and competent guards.


  • Security: The most obvious benefit to an HOA security guard is ensuring the safety of your neighborhood and its residents. With an HOA security guard you can be sure that the homes and properties within your community are protected and watched over. The presence of a professional Las Vegas HOA security guard will help to deter burglars or home intruders. Depending on the size of your community, Pro-Tect Security can provide an HOA gate security guard or even full-time patrol.


  • Traffic And Parking: An HOA security guard also helps to monitor traffic and the speed of vehicles throughout the neighborhood. By monitoring the vehicle traffic, you are able to protect children playing in the street and even protect vehicles, campers, or RV’s that residents have parked in front of their homes. HOA security guards also help to effectively enforce parking regulations and resolve parking issues or disputes within the neighborhood.


  • Save Money: Having an established security protocol along with a dedicated HOA security guard can also play a role in saving money for your HOA. As a security guard works to protect the neighborhood enforce traffic and parking rules, you minimize the amount of costly problems that could arise. An HOA security guard helps to prevent problems such as vandalism, helping you and the residents in your community to save money.


  • Peace Of Mind: Reassurance that the community you live in is safe and secure is a priceless benefit. The homes within your HOA are meant to protect the lives and belongings of your residents; by investing in professional HOA security, you can provide residents with the peace of mind that their community, home, belongings, and, most importantly, loved ones are safe and secure.

Professional Las Vegas HOA Security Guards


At Pro-Tect Security, we provide HOA security solutions that will meet the needs of your individual community maintaining safety, security and peace of mind. We offer customized security packages allowing you to flexibility to provide the level of security that will best benefit your neighborhood and your HOA budget. Pro-Tect Security employs only highly trained HOA security guards with the experience and knowledge needed to meet the needs of your HOA community. Call us today at (702) 735-0110 for more information about our professional Las Vegas HOA security guards.

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