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3 Tips To Ensure Event Security

June 20, 2018  |   Event Security    

If you are responsible for planning a major event, you have likely realized the difficulty there is in avoiding negative incidents that could disrupt your event or even cause harm to the guests. Providing adequate security measures is an essential aspect of a successful event. In order to most effectively avoid disturbances or threats, you should entrust your event to the expertise of an event security company. The following 3 tips are also helpful in ensuring event security:

Go Through The Guest List

An important thing to do for event security is to go through the guest list and ensure that no individuals present a risk for the success of your event. Watch for people who may have a history of conflict with your organization or event purpose. This is particularly important for events that are deemed highly sensitive or controversial. It may even be wise to require that guests present their invites in order to enter the event along with proper identification and instruct security personnel to strictly deny entry to those who fail to do so. Guests should also be checked to ensure they are not bringing in suspicious items such as a gun, knife, or other form of weapon. Professional event security officers will have the training and experience needed to effectively implement such protocols and avoid the risk of threat from attendees or other people.

Prepare An Emergency Plan

No matter how many measures you put in place, the unfortunate truth is that things can go wrong and people can get hurt from unexpected security loopholes. This is why it is important that you prepare a comprehensive emergency plan that details steps to be taken in the case of a security breach. Keep note of all exit points at the venue and ensure that they are secured at all times so that guests can easily be guided out in case of danger or emergency. An experienced security company will help you to implement key elements into your emergency plan such as identifying the easiest and quickest way to shut down the entire venue, being aware of the location and function of all security cameras and deciding on the steps to be taken if a dangerous item, such as a bomb, is found at the venue.

Let The Staff Know Their Responsibilities

The venue will only be secure if all people involved with the event have a clear understanding of their individual and exact responsibilities. Arrange a meeting in which all staff members for the event, both security and non-security personnel, are present and provide clear and written instruction on what they are expected to do and the people they need to contact in case they find anything suspicious.

For more tips in ensuring event security or to entrust your event security to the professionals at Pro-Tect Security, contact us today at (702) 735-0110.

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