Remote Surveillance

Remote Surveillance Camera Monitoring With 24 Hour Dispatch

Remote-SurveillancePro-Tect Security offers 24 hour camera monitoring via remote command center. Our surveillance officers are trained in industry best practices in order to provide the optimum level of security. This turn-key service uses a secure internet connection to monitor your CCTV security system and proactively reduce or eliminate crime on and around your property.


Surveillance officers located at a 24 hour Pro-Tect Security Command Center continually monitor your property, allowing for immediate response to any unlawful activity. Predetermined action plans will determine if dispatch will alert the client and local law enforcement or send a Pro-Tect Security Patrol Unit to investigate.
This economical solution to protect your property eliminates outdated – after the fact – security measures by securely accessing your surveillance camera system over the internet.

Where do I Start?

If you don’t have a camera system implemented or your current surveillance system isn’t capable of being accessed over the internet, our industry experts will help you sort through system choices. The myriad of options and vendors can make purchasing a new surveillance system a daunting task. Pro-Tect Security will work hand in hand with you to analyze your property’s needs and ensure the best system possible is installed.

Operartions & Fees

Pro-Tect Security recommends you combine our 24 hour monitoring and dispatch service with Pro-Tect Security Patrol Unit Response for the ultimate turn-key surveillance solution.
Custom support plans are available to fill the needs of any organization. Please, call for a free quote.