Security Consulting

Through our Threat Analysis and Intelligence Assessments, the client receives an on-site, extensive survey of business practices with the aim of identifying threats to operations, employees and corporate equities. We will review all aspects of your operations from a critical perspective and provide analysis and research-supported conclusions based on industry standards and our own experience.

Our Critical Infrastructure Protection services include a review of adverse or suspect incidents, meetings with employees, analysis of the supply chain and an assessment of facility layout. The study culminates with a comprehensive plan that includes recommendations and practical solutions to help the business harden its environment and navigate more securely through challenging times.

Our Crisis Management training and services offer on site, simulated, incident-based scenarios geared at testing your team’s ability to respond to a crisis, protect company equities and reestablish operations with minimum disruption and downtime after a major incident.

All our services can be offered in Spanish, including our reporting, should the client choose.