Hotel Security

  • When Should A Hotel Have A Security Guard To Protect Its Guests?

    October 31, 2017No comments yet

    The tragic event in Las Vegas this year has led many hotels to question their individual need for private security. While most hotels could surely benefit from a security guard, the question remains should they have tight security at all times? It is advantageous for a hotel to employ a…


  • What Does a Hotel Security Officer Do?

    July 5, 2017No comments yet

    Hotels are complex areas that can benefit from having trained security on site. Hotels have a lot of people and property within one facility, so protecting the location is a top priority. A hotel security officer may have many different responsibilities depending on the size and layout of the building….

  • Keep Your Hotel Staff and Guests Safe

    March 8, 2017No comments yet

    We all know that hotels should feel like a home away from home. Hiring hotel security can be a great way to create the sense of protection and comfort which makes an area more hospitable. Everyone appreciates a safe and secure environment, from the guests renting the rooms to the…