Booth Security Request

Booth Security Request

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Pro-Tect Security is not an insurer. Charges are based solely upon the value of services provided for, and are unrelated to the value of the client's operations, property or the property of others.

The amounts payable by the client are not sufficient to warrant Pro-Tect assuming any risk of damage or loss to property due to Pro-Tect's negligence or failure to perform. Pro-Tect Security, its agents and representatives, will provide all necessary safeguards and shall assume no liability for life, accident, theft of property, damage to property or any other loss due to factors beyond our control. The client, by signing this agreement holds Pro-Tect Security harmless for any and all losses and agrees to have in effect at the time of signing this agreement, insurance to cover all product, and personal damages and any claims arising from engaging in business as an exhibitor at the event.

Balance is due 10 days from invoice date. If payment is not received by due date, Client agrees to pay Pro-Tect direct all collection costs including reasonable attorney's fees.