8 Tips For Ensuring Your Event Is Safe
Event Security

For any successful event, providing adequate security measures is an essential element needed to avoid disturbances that could disrupt guests or the purpose of your event. Having a properly planned and implemented security plan in place will ensure that no internal or external conflicts will hinder your event. Consider the…

6 Ways To Improve Company Security Today
Security Guard Las Vegas

For any business owner, a main concern is ensuring the security of your company and employees. Inefficient security protocols can be costly, not only financially, but also for the reputation of your business and even for the well being of your employees and clients. Investing in improving company security is…

When Should A Hotel Have A Security Guard To Protect Its Guests?
Hotel Security Guard

The tragic event in Las Vegas this year has led many hotels to question their individual need for private security. While most hotels could surely benefit from a security guard, the question remains should they have tight security at all times? It is advantageous for a hotel to employ a…

What To Look For In Your Security Guard Company
Security Guard Company

If you are in need of increased security protection for either personal or business purposes, the most effective way to get it is by hiring a private security guard company. However, not all security companies deliver the high quality service you deserve and expect. Hiring a security guard company can…

Top 10 Duties of a Security Guard
hires security guards

Security guards are a wise investment for almost any organization or event. When a person hires security guards, they do so with safety in mind. We all know that a security guard can be a difference-maker when it comes to tense situations. Here are some of their main responsibilities. 1….

6 Helpful Tips for Improving Your Security Guard Service
Security Guard Service

We all know the advantages of having a security guard around. Guards can monitor events, help with receiving guests, and provide quick responses should an incident arise. However, not everyone gets the same results from their security guard service. Here are some ways you can tighten things up and get…

What Does a Hotel Security Officer Do?
Hotel Security Officer

Hotels are complex areas that can benefit from having trained security on site. Hotels have a lot of people and property within one facility, so protecting the location is a top priority. A hotel security officer may have many different responsibilities depending on the size and layout of the building….

The Role of Human Relations for Security Officers
Security Officers

We all know how important security officers can be at any event. Those working in security are tasked with overseeing an area and ensuring that any issues that might arise are addressed. The scope of a security guard’s responsibilities can vary depending on where they’re working. At most events, security…

5 Loss Prevention Tips Security Guards Should Know
Security Guard Las Vegas

Security guards are critical for loss prevention. Sometimes the presence of a guard is enough to deter thieves entirely. Companies that hire security guards should make sure the guards are properly trained on how to reduce loss. Using these tips can make things a little easier for the on-duty security….

Importance of Security Officers & the Role They Play Today
Security Officer Las Vegas

According to the most recent report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 1.1 million security guards are employed in the United States. Security officers are being hired by business owners in a wide variety of industries, from general medical and surgical hospitals to hotels, stores, and offices. A commercial…

Does Your Business Need a Security Guard? 10 Signs That Point to ‘Yes’
Security Guards Las Vegas

Hiring a security guard for your business is more important than ever. As businesses get busier, office blocks become more crowded, and car parking lots more packed, security guards have more to do. If you own a commercial property, these 10 signs could suggest that you need to hire security…

Security Guard Advice: 6 Tips for Protecting a Vehicle

Traveling by car can be a very convenient way to get around, but it does come with some security risks. Even in places with an armed security guard presence, a car can be vulnerable to theft and mischief. Here are six great security tips for traveling by car to help keep…

7 Things to Know Before hiring an Armed Security Guard Service
Armed Security Guard Service

An armed security guard can be an excellent resource for protecting a business from harm if they are hired using the right guidelines. Here are seven important things we think every business owner needs to know before hiring an armed security guard.   Make sure an armed guard is appropriate…

Keep Your Hotel Staff and Guests Safe

We all know that hotels should feel like a home away from home. Hiring hotel security can be a great way to create the sense of protection and comfort which makes an area more hospitable. Everyone appreciates a safe and secure environment, from the guests renting the rooms to the…

Keeping Your Event Safe and Secure

A secure environment is vital for any professional event. It doesn’t matter if it’s a business expo or an outdoor concert – making sure things are orderly and safe should be every event-planner’s first priority. We all know that event security can help provide the type of atmosphere planners look…

Should Mall Security Guards Be Armed?

The topic of security is always a controversial one. While having dedicated personnel around to protect people in busy areas can be a good idea, there are questions about how these individuals should conduct themselves. Malls are the types of areas that can benefit greatly from dedicated security personnel. But…

Tips for Contracting a Quality Security Guard Company

If you have a large organization where multiple people interact on a regular basis, you may have thought about taking steps to secure the location. Whether you manage a hotel or head a company that throws special events and gatherings often, keeping your environment secure is important. One of the…

Things to Consider When Hiring an Armed Security Guard
Armed Security Guard Service

When we take an inquiry on posting an armed security, we make sure to ask the client some questions about the job. Many times, the customer hasn’t thought through their needs and the same questions continue to arise. If you’re looking for expert armed security guards for an event, a…

Benefits of Having a Security Guard at a Business
Security Guard Las Vegas

At any business, it is important to maintain a professional atmosphere. This means the people who visit your business should be able to enjoy a safe and friendly experience. Security is of the utmost importance, and many people now hire security guards for rent for their place of business or…

5 Tips for Hiring Security Teams: Keeping Your Event Safe and Sound
Event Security

When you’re throwing an event, it should be an exciting and enjoyable experience. No one likes to think about the possibility of conflicts or serious issues occurring at these events, but in some cases preparation can be the best deterrent. Planning ahead can allow you to make sure your event…

Property Protection and Real Estate

Home security is something applicable to all of us and involves the security hardware in place on a property, and personal security practices. The hardware would be the doors, locks, alarm systems, lighting, motion detectors, and security cameras systems that is installed on your property. Personal security practices would be…

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